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Winner of NBC's Biggest Loser Season 10

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As Big As a House” Overview:
“As Big as a House recounts the author’s inspiring story and provides an inside
look at his Biggest Loser journey. Patrick shares tips and tactics to help readers lose weight
and make their own positive change of a lifetime. The book tackles the psychological
aspects of weight loss, as well as great tips for diet and exercise. The book also includes
a section written by House’s wife, Bradley, who lost 50 pounds and changed her family’s
unhealthy habits while her husband was away at The Biggest Loser ranch. Bradley’s
practical strategies for helping families move toward better health are the perfect
complements to Patrick’s motivational and experience-tested food and fitness advice.”

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As Big As a House

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Twenty-eight-year-old Patrick didn’t realize he had any health issues before The Biggest Loser, but soon discovered he had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. It wasn’t until Patrick was in college that he really started putting on weight. While pursuing his degree in business management at Delta State University, he was an offensive lineman for the school’s football team and consumed large quantities of food to maintain that position. An injury forced him to stop playing, but he continued to maintain the same diet. Now 400 pounds, married, and the father of two young boys, Patrick’s weight affects every aspect of his life – from choosing restaurants with seating that can accommodate his large size, to being unable to go on rides with his sons at the state fair. Determined to have a better, healthier life with his wife and family, Patrick looks forward to riding roller coasters at amusements parks, playing with and coaching his sons, and not using seatbelt extenders on the plane.